The Church of Astvah

The dominant faith through the continent is the Church of Astvah. The Church (as it is commonly referred to) teaches a monotheistic faith in the creator God Astvah, though certain sects leaner closer to a sort of henotheism. This is made possible by the Church’s teaching that through living an exemplary life, including service to the Church and it’s teachings, that individuals may receive a sort of deification becoming Immortals and given the task of caring for a specific aspect of the world. The vast majority of individual parishes are devoted to one or more of the Immortals, while larger cathedrals are typically associated with a specific aspect of Astvah.


While the Church typically carries out it’s rites and rituals in the Common Tongue, those related to specific holy days are carried out the old Armestrian language. While few outside the Church are fluent in the tongue, and handful of specific terms are fairly well know.

Priest = Kahana
Bishop = Yepizko
Monk = Kusak


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