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Size: Village; Power Center: Conventional; Power Center Alignment: Neutral Good; GP Limit: 200 gp; Assets: 4,500 gp; Population: 450 (99% human, 1% other); Authority Figure: Lord Roderick Arundel, 9th level fighter


Situated in the North Province along the River Drewett, The Village of Briarton was founded in 325AFV, following the grant of lands and title to Lord Arundel by King Orentes IX for his services in the Borderland Wars. Arundel’s reputation as a strong, able leader allowed him to attract the needed farmers, merchants and craftsmen to allow the village to quickly grow and prosper.

The next decade and a half passed with little incident until 341AFV when the 16 year old daughter of Lord Arundel, [[:Lady Alionora]], was married to [[:Sir William Fitzhugh]]. Though he was initially distrusted as an outsider to the community, Fitzhugh’s courteous and chivalrous demeanor quickly won the favor of most of the villagers.

In 342AFV, a year to the day after their wedding, Lady Alionara gave birth to son, Robin Fitzhugh. A scant three weeks later tragedy struck the community as a midnight raid of by a tribe of Orcs set the village ablaze. As the smoke cleared it became apparent that the Orcs had carried off a number of the villagers to their camp in the ruins of Castles Angorn. A small band of villagers, led by Sir William, set out to retrieve those who had been kidnapped.

While the band was ultimately successful in their task, they returned with the sad news Sir William had died in battle with Orc chieftan. The Orc raid left it’s mark on the community in many other ways as well from injuries sustained by Kenrick the Lame to the slow descent into madness of Leoric the Old to the pregnancy of Ailith the Potter and the birth of her half-orc son Grimbor nine months later.

Since that time the village has quietly prospered, becoming a regular stop for tradespeople and entertainers passing through the area. Still, dangers remain ranging from sightings of Orcs near their old encampment at castle Angorn to rumors of cult dedicated to the worship of the dark God Vextra amoungst the townspeople, making it only a matter of time until the peace of the community is interrupted once again.

In the Village
  • Blacksmith’s Shop
    • Alfgar Strongarm
  • Brewery
    • Tancred the Stout
    • Edgyth
  • Carpenter’s Shop
    • Aldwin
  • Cobbler’s Shop
    • Swithin
  • Cormac’s House of Wondrous Goods and Services.
    • Cormac the Alchemist
    • Henna the Wise
  • Leurona’s Merchantile
    • Leurona
    • Ulric the Red
  • Glassblower’s Shop
    • Kenrick the Lame
  • Mill
    • Hewald the Miller
  • Potter’s Shop
    • Ailith the Potter
    • Grimbor
  • Tannery
  • Duke and Goat Tavern
    • Conrad Martel
    • Kimbery
    • Leoric the Old
    • Wat
  • Shrine of Erilys
    • Maerwynn
Outside the Village
  • Balduin (Woodcutter)
  • Black Dougal and Family (Farmer, Head of Village Militia)
  • Drogo Ravenot (Ex-Soldier, Harasser of Barmaids)
  • Edmond Stumptooth and Family (Farmer)
  • Stefan Dinescu (Farmer, Ex-Traveling Performer)
  • Wystan Hillsfar (Shepherd)
Regular Visitors
  • Geneveive the Fair (Bard)
  • Oswin the Tinker
Nearby in the North Province
  • Angwyn Ap Llewellwyn (Hermit)
  • Arwold Dragoneye (Ranger)
  • Gisella (Rancher)
  • Malcolm (Druid)
Looking For Adventure?
  • Castle Angorn (Ruined Castle)
  • Clayhill Abbey (Abandoned Abbey)
  • Rumored: Shrine of Vextra, Demon Lord of Pestilence
  • Silverton (Nearest Village and Exhausted Silver Mine)


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