Founded just over three decades ago in the village of Briarton, The Duke and Goat Tavern has served as the hub of the community. Now, from the village’s youngest generation a group of heroes has emerged. Not content with the quiet day to day life of the village they’ve banded together to search for adventure. First in it’s nearby environs and someday to set out to see the wider. However far they may travel though, it will always be Briarton they call home and within the walls of the Duke and Goat Tavern that the stories of their adventures will always be remembered.

Following the initial adventure, this campaign will take a largely player directed, sandbox style. While I am not placing specific restrictions in terms of things like alignment, it is expected that the PCs being from the village should tie them together with a sufficient level of loyalty where they don’t simply start stabbing each other in the face at the slightest provocation.

There are sufficient opportunities in the area surrounding Briarton to take the PCs to between 5th and 7th level, at which point they will begin to get the chance to explore the wider world.

Campaign Ground Rules

Character Creation

House Rules

Sources Used

Tales From the Duke and Goat Tavern

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